It's Not the Snot.

baby in blue
What? You want me to sleep, too?

Last Friday, I brought Fuzz back to the doctor because he was still pretty snotty, plus he developed a cough, which can always be a scary thing for a baby. She diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection, or a bad cold- except, she called it a “good cold.” We spent a couple of days in the steamy bathroom and I used the saline drops followed by the Nose Frida, which he does NOT like, FYI. (On an unrelated note, this morning I caught my two-year-old chewing on it. Gross. A whole other problem for a whole other post.)

So, in the last few days, although he still has some congestion, he’s certainly getting better. Except for his sleeping which is getting a whole lot worse.

This leads me to believe that his sleep disruptions are not fully caused by his illness. There’s also the swaddle issue. I have begun swaddling him with one arm out to see if this helps, as proposed by my loyal commenters, (thank you, again!) but even with this change, the last few nights he’s been waking up hourly. That’s right, folks… HOURLY. Geez, I’m tired.

I’m really trying not to feed him every single time because fergodsakes he seriously can’t be HUNGRY, every time, right? RIGHT??  Unfortunately, most of the time, my efforts to do everything else under the moon (pacifier, rock, hands on his body, reswaddle) fail. The boob? Works every time.

It’s possible that the whole co-sleeping thing is causing this behavior, although up until recently, he’d sleep a good 4-5 hour stretch without waking up to smell the coffee…err….milk. So, if it is co-sleeping that’s causing him to wake up, does this mean I have to either stop co-sleeping, or get used to waking up every hour for the long haul? Or do we think Fuzz will settle down eventually and sleep better with Mom? Another possible cause for all this waking is that he’s getting ready to roll so perhaps this developmental milestone is affecting his sleep. He’ll be four months on Friday.

What’s your diagnosis? Help a mama out!