It's Official: I Dumped my Nursing Cover


I love my nursing cover. It has done good by me since Addison was born this spring, but I think it is time I hung it up.  Not because it wasn’t one of the most helpful products I used with my daughter, or because I don’t love the handmade cupcake pattern.   I just think I have outgrown it.

I got my nursing cover from Maxwell Dean Designs, and the quality and flexibility of the cover itself was amazing. And super easy to wash. Lets face it, that thing ended up with a lot of fluids on it. Breast milk, spit up … the list goes on.

But I think at the beginning of the week I came to the realization that it has been sitting in the back pouch of my diaper bag for over a month … neglected.

With my oldest son, I used a cover until he started flipping out every time I put it on, and with my middle son I never got the opportunity to really nurse him in public since he was on formula so soon after he was born. With Addison, things are going fantastic and with two older sons we are rarely at home between school, and activities we have on our agenda.

Addison has become portable. All of her toys and accessories fit nicely in my diaper bag, and come with me everywhere we go. And, of course, her food supply does as well. I mean, I am the food supply … I rarely pump anymore unless I really have to. I have a love/hate relationship with pumping, especially since my milk supply has really become normal instead of waking up all engorged in the middle of the night.

I feel slightly empowered since I have become comfortable enough to nurse without the cover. I think our family and friends have gotten used to it as well.

It is a good feeling to not have to feel the need to hide while feeding Addie anymore.

So long, cover!