Japanese Baby Simulator: Just Like a Real Baby, But Scarier


japanese-baby-simulator1This sure beats the egg baby our Home Ec. teacher made us carry around for a week.

As you can see from this video, caring for Yotaro, the Japanese baby simulator, would be enough to strike the fear of unplanned pregnancy into any middle schooler’s heart.

I’m not sure if that was the intent of inventors when they created an interactive robot that mimics the emotional and physical responses of a real infant. In fact, I’m unsure if there was any intent other than to make this incredible YouTube video.

In any case, Yotaro is equipped with a sensory response system that allows it to cry real tears, mimic facial expressions, and make happy baby gurgles. I just wonder why, if the makers were able to devise such a complex robot, they couldn’t have made its appearance just slightly more lifelike–and less like a giant, glowing, two-dimensional alien with bunny ears.


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