Johnson & Johnson Announces Infants Tylenol Recall

The recall announcement was made on Friday

A newly designed bottle is causing headaches for some parents, and Johnson & Johnson is now recalling Infants’ Tylenol as a result.

It was announced on Friday that 574,000 units of a grape-flavored version of the liquid medicine is being pulled off the market, according to ABC News.

The product was first sold in November.

The months-old version was introduced as a way to make measuring the correct dose easier.

ABC News is reporting:

The new infant Tylenol bottle comes with a plastic syringe that’s to be inserted into the flow restrictor at the top to help measure the right dose. The syringe has an opening in the tip but no needle. Consumers are to insert the tip of the syringe into the flow restrictor, turn the bottle upside down and then draw out the right dose. That’s then squirted into the baby’s mouth.

McNeil’s, which is part of the consumer health segment of Johnson & Johnson, hasn’t had medication on store shelves in over a year due, in part, to ongoing recall issues.

The new Infants’ Tylenol design was also part of an effort to limit spillage if the bottle dropped.

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