Just Call Me Momma Bear


Before I had Tate, I thought many mothers seemed completely over protective of their newborn babies. I couldn’t understand them wanting to hold their babies constantly, didn’t they get to hold them enough at home? I couldn’t understand why a mother wouldn’t automatically offer their baby for other people to hold. I couldn’t understand why a mother couldn’t enjoy a night out without worrying the entire evening if their baby was ok.

Now, I am this kind of mother.

I want to hold my son all day long. If it’s been more than an hour since I last touched him, I just want to steal him away from whatever family member he is snuggled up to. When he cries, all I want to do is fix whatever is bothering him. At the prospect of going out to dinner tonight for my wedding anniversary, my heart seizes up in panic at leaving him with very capable relatives for an hour or two. Not because I don’t trust them, but because he is just so tiny. When my husband teases the baby for eating or whining too much, I can’t help get defensive. He is just a little baby after all.

I guess it’s a natural instinct to want to protect him no matter what. I just have been taken off guard by how much and how fast I have changed since having the baby.

Did any of you experience these kind of feelings after having your first baby? Did your protective urges ease after some time, or are you still a momma bear?