Kara Talking Up A Storm At 2 Months (Video)


For the first few weeks of Kara’s life, the only noise we heard from here were the shrill cries of a baby with colic.

Things really change when a baby begins to coo, and then babble. It takes the edge off the screaming and crying, and of course, makes your heart melt into a puddle of baby love.

Following in her brother’s footsteps, Kara is very vocal. In fact, we can go back and forth now for up to five minutes. I will say something to her, and she will babble back to me as if she is really conveying something vitally important. It is so insanely cute.

Click below to check out this adorable video of Kara talking up a storm in her favorite bouncer!

I don’t know what it is about this bouncer that delights Kara so much, but, she definitely approves. It is so funny watching her in this thing, she gets really loud!

Do you remember when your baby first became vocal? Did you make any videos?

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