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Culture Clash: When Should I Get My Foster Daughters’ Ears Pierced?

When should I get my infant foster daughters’ ears pierced? It was the furthest thing on my mind until case workers, friends, and strangers who identify as black began asking me about it daily. That is, they were asking me about my black foster daughter’s ears, but made no mention toward my similarly-aged, white-looking (she’s 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Hispanic) foster daughter. In MORE »

Time to Rename the Playard (Playpen)

When did a playpen become a “playard”? And really, is playard the best they can do?  Isn’t a yard a bit of a stretch?  Was PlayGarden already taken? Whatever it’s called, I broke down and got one.  And then I felt guilty. And then I felt justified.  And then I decided the problem was the MORE »

10 Steps I Take to Avoid Co-Sleeping With My Baby

As a foster parent, co-sleeping (more recently called bed sharing), is not an option.  Each month case workers come to my home to routinely ask where my foster and [almost] adopted daughters sleep.  There’s only one right answer: in empty cribs, on their backs. I don’t have a problem with this. I can sleep anywhere MORE »

Car Seat Safety For Baby: Infant Vs. Convertible

You’ve got a lot on your mind when you’re headed to the hospital to give birth. Most moms focus on the birth plan and what they want/need while in labor yet one of the most important things you need to have at the hospital is a car seat or hey, guess what? You aren’t going MORE »

5 Ways to Keep Baby Safe When Traveling

Traveling with a baby. It is something every family faces eventually. Our little frequent flier earned his first wings at just nine weeks old, traveling home to see his Grandparents for his first Christmas. Even though travel is usually fun, there is also always some element of stress. Add a baby into the mix, and MORE »

6 Guidelines for Safe Co-Sleeping

Possibly the most controversial thing I’ve ever done as a parent is to share a bed with my babies. Which seems kind of silly, right? I mean, cultures all over the world have been sharing sleep with their babies for centuries. And while many people assume co-sleeping is always unsafe, the truth is that “the family MORE »

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