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Switching the Car Seat Between Big, Gnarly Work Trucks

Like a lot of parents, Jake and I are constantly switching the car seat between cars.  Several times a week — depending on whose day it is to pick June up from preschool —  the car seat switches from my Volkswagan Passat. nggallery template=’carousel’ id=’8′ Are you baby safety savvy? We’re giving away two Graco SnugRide Click MORE »

5 Items All Parents of Toddlers Should Keep in Their Cars

Driving with a toddler is like rolling the dice. Maybe they’ll sleep. Maybe they’ll sing. Maybe they’ll scream bloody murder. To drive with a toddler successfully is to be a Boy Scout, which is to always be prepared. It’s not as if you won’t actually get from Point A to Point B without these five MORE »

Kids and Seatbelts: Creating a Habit

I’m sure many of us have a story about a time when seat belts were forgotten, overlooked, or not buckled for one reason or another. And considering we’re here to share those stories means that it turned out okay for us. I have a few of those stories, both from growing up and from my MORE »

Tips and Tricks for Solo Road Tripping with Young Children

My kids are pretty accustomed to going on road trips. We travel fairly frequently, and just recently got back from an epic 18 hour road trip from Indiana to Florida. Yeah, that one was a doozie. And while we don’t go on epic trips like that often, we do load up the car every month MORE »

The One Piece of Baby Gear I Won’t Pass Down to My Daughter

I saved everything after having my first daughter. We knew we wanted more children and we knew that it would be cost effective to save all of the clothes and baby gear for our second child. When we found out we were having another girl, we were so excited. Not only because of the amazing MORE »

The Bad Car Habit That I Had to Break

What mother isn’t busy? Especially if you have more than one child, and they are all on different schedules! This year has been exceptionally hard for me because I have three different kids on three different schedules, which include two different schools. Therefore we spend a lot of time in the car. One thing I MORE »

Top 5 Car Seat Tips for Dads

Becoming a parent requires a certain set of skills. Liam Neeson knew it. Jor-El knew it. And now you know it. But the secret to parenting isn’t about being perfect, it’s knowing that set of skills and being right when it counts. Car seat safety is one of those subjects you just can’t afford to screw MORE »

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