Keeping Baby Well Fed When Traveling


Back home I happily make all of Vivi’s baby food, however when it comes to traveling and eating away from home I bring packaged baby food along. Sure it’s easy enough to mash up a banana but baby cannot live on banana alone. Vivi is in the awkward phase of transitioning between baby food, smashed food and real food. New foods are being introduced more often and old standbys are being introduced in different forms and textures. Pears have moved beyond purees and become finger foods. Cereal is now being served by the spoonful and handful.

Being away from home this week and staying in a hotel has introduced some different feeding challenges but she’s happily going along with all of them.

First off, has anyone seen our fold up high chair? I know I had one for Addie for this exact reason and I have no idea where it went. We’ve taken to tying the baby to a kitchen chair with the mei tai (furniture babywearing!) or simply feeding her on the floor or in our laps. Finger foods have been tricky as she can’t reach the table from her makeshift high chair but she certainly had no problem nomming on some cereal beachside today.

While I’d like to trust the food we get at restaurants I just can’t, I didn’t cook it so I have no idea what could be in it. Perhaps a little first baby anxiety has passed onto my second. Thankfully the room we’re in is equipped with every possible tool needed to make various alcoholic beverages which means tiny little cutting boards, paring knives, vegetable peelers and a blender, the exact same things needed to make my own baby food. Who knew there were such similarities?

Traveling with a baby starting on solids seemed daunting but with a little planning and organization Vivi can easily have the same high quality foods I expect and serve at home no matter where we are.

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