Kicked Off The Bus For A Stinky Diaper? It Happened! (Video)


Imagine you’re a mom, living in a city without a car. Your baby has a stomach bug and you want to take him to the doctor so you bundle him up, get on the bus and and settle in for the ride. Only your baby has a big poo and the bus driver throws you off the bus. That’s what happened to a mom in Seattle, according to this video from the Associated Press.

Apparently, Nichole Hakimian was taking her one-year-old son to the doctor and, when he had a big diarrhea poop, the bus driver said the smell was bothering everyone else and it wasn’t fair t the other passengers. The driver then stopped to let Ms. Hakimian off half a mile from her destination. She stepped inside an area business to change the baby and caught another bus the rest of the way. Ms. Hakimian filed a report with Seattle Metro, who said in a statement that the incident is being investigated.

Not to be punny about this, but I think this story stinks. No mom likes having their baby poop when they’re stuck somewhere and unable to change a diaper. It’s not like the baby did it on purpose or the mom was somehow negligent. Being penalized for nature taking one of its more unpleasant courses? Is not cool at all.

What do you think? Should the mom have been asked to leave the bus over a stinky diaper?

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