Kicking Like He Gets Paid For It [Video]


If Henry could somehow manage to get paid for kicking, he’d be a millionaire.  Of if we could somehow harness the energy from all that kicking, perhaps he could manually power a small, third-world country.  Or at the very least, our home. The kid started kicking around three months old and hasn’t looked back.

In fact, a few weeks ago I had a full-on heart stopping moment when I noticed there was blood all over the little bouncy chair that he sits in.  I went rushing into his room where he was napping and searched his little body for injuries.  Turns out, kid kicks so damn much he developed a blister and scratches on the backs of his heels.  The blister had popped and still, dude just kept kicking, rubbing it raw.

The entire four day drive from Utah to Pennsylvania, I had to tuck a blanket over the latch on his car seat because that’s right wear his heel rubs when he kicks.  And he’s always kicking.  Kid would rub his legs clean off if I let him go unabated.

Check out Henry in action.  Think we got a future soccer star on our hands?  Seriously.  He never stops.  Even when I try to feed him a bottle.  Which, you know, getting pummeled repeatedly in the boobs is thrilling.

Does your baby have some sort of thing they’re constantly doing?