Kid Music that Doesn't Make Me Want to Leave Earth

Kid music that doesn't make my ears burn.

Sometimes I need a way to distract my 2 & 3 year old while I do things like feed baby Gordon or compulsively check my email (don’t judge me.) Today we took a peek at this adorbs new video for “Share” from Renee & Jeremy and then we watched it again and again and about a bazillion more times. It’s very cute! I’ve liked Renee & Jeremy since Clare was a baby. You can download two of their most popular songs; It’s a Big World and C’mon for free on their site. I’ve never had much use for “children’s” music, there is plenty of great regular music for us to enjoy as a family but they are so good that I would listen to them on my own. Do you listen to kid music in your house? Does it make your ears burn? Have you found good stuff? OR do you just find good music to share as a family? Share with me! And speaking of “Share” get the video after the jump. It guarantees at least 3 minutes of mommy time.

Watch the video for “Share” here.

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