Killing Me with Cuteness: The Look that Gets Me Every. Single. Time. (PHOTOS)


Peony was fussy the other morning and my husband and I immediately assumed the worst. Like, she must be sick. Or she’s turning into a fussy baby. As it turns out, she was neither. She’s been sick before, but she’s never been fussy, and at this point, we kind of assume she never will be.

Everyone thinks their babies are perfect, but Peony just might actually be. Sure, she’s had a bunch of colds and stuff over the past 11 months, although that’s the extent of the headaches we’ve had because of her.

When she was about 5 weeks old she cried for an hour one night. My husband and I panicked. Not because we didn’t know what to do. But because it was literally the first time she’d cried for more than a minute or so. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t cried for more than a few minutes since then. Did I mention she’ll be a year old at the end of this month?

Lately she’s been exerting more personality all over the place, and most of it shows us she’s on track to be a funny kid. She just has this look that says, “I know. And I know you know.” It’s not always even the same exact look, but it’s still always a look that shows her awareness, which turns me into a puddle of giggly mush.

Check it out:

  • The look of . . . 1 of 7
    The look of . . .
    Coquettishness! You're never too young for it!
  • The look of . . . 2 of 7
    The look of . . .
    Bath-time fun!
  • The look of . . . 3 of 7
    The look of . . .
    Pride! I'm standing up!
  • The look of . . . 4 of 7
    The look of . . .
    Total "I just woke up" sweetness.
  • The look of . . . 5 of 7
    The look of . . .
  • The look of . . . 6 of 7
    The look of . . .
    Waving! Hi, Mommy!
  • The look of . . . 7 of 7
    The look of . . .
    The devil! She knows what's inside those bathroom cabinets.

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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