Koff, Koff! Abbys First Cold

Swapping germs
Babies and germs! Well, at least they had fun.

Ugh, poor Abby is suffering through her first cold! As colds go, it’s pretty mild, but she doesn’t know that. All she knows is that her nose feels weird, she can’t stay asleep, and she feels gross. And what help am I? Instead of just making it stop, like I do when her butt feels wet or she’s hungry, I swipe at her face with tissues and tell her how sorry I am. Poor kid!

Her first symptom was a cough, and I think my terror of pertussis is pretty well documented. She had just been spending time with her cousin who (it turns out) has bronchialitis, which sounds like a made-up name like pneumoniosity, or pooping cough. Ah, but it’s all too real, and since he just started some antibiotics for it, I thought eh, I’ll call the doctor and just ask what I should watch for.

Lo and behold! They had an appointment for me. So I ran over and had Abby cough what I thought was a very impressive cough. But the substitute doctor, who is about twelve years old and has a charming Russian accent, was unmoved. “I know it sounds impressive to you, but I am not impressed,” she said. “Her lungs are clear, she has no fever. She is okay for now.” Then she demonstrated several truly alarming coughs and breathing problems to watch for it was like having a private showing of, I don’t know, Carmen Karamazov.

So all right, I brought Abby home and have been watching for a worsening cough. It hasn’t gotten worse, but her nose has gotten runnier and tears almost constantly run out of her eyes. Ugggh! The doctor also told me she could have Advil if she was fussy, but she gags and spits it out. Seriously. I can’t get Advil into this kid. Well, maybe she knows something I don’t know.

Right now she’s just sleeping a ton, and though she tries to be good-natured about it, she’s just miserable. One good thing, though, is that she’s able to nurse through the snot. When Penny got her cold, she couldn’t, and I had to use the snot-sucker, which is a great invention but is not fun. So far I haven’t had to bust it out. Let’s all work together and hope she shakes it off before I have to suck snot. Mmmkay?