Lamenting My Chance to Nest


In the time leading up to our having Tate, I had grand ideas of taking months to prepare the perfect place in our perfect house for our new arrival.

Unfortunately, the reality was I worked full time until the very day that Tate was born and we didn’t even have the dream house (or any house for that matter) to decorate. To this day, my lost chance at true nesting makes me sad.

Sure, I went through the “I have so much energy I will not sit down for anything” phase which I spent methodically purging and organizing every room and closet in our small apartment. I changed out furniture, rehung artwork in our living room, and organized every drawer in our junk dresser (you know, every drawer being a junk drawer). But what I didn’t have a chance to do was craft the ohdeedoe worthy nursery of my dreams. I made style boards, decided on colors and even bought the coolest mobile I had ever seen – there was just one problem, I didn’t actually have a nursery to decorate. My husband and I live in a small apartment that doesn’t have the room for a dedicated nursery.

I guess I did the next best thing, I bought a small cradle and a set of fitted sheets to fit and put it in the corner of our bedroom. (Cue sarcasm). Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the things I have. In this economy we were lucky to escape a large house with a mortgage we couldn’t afford, but what expectant and new mother doesn’t dream of designing their dream nursery? For now, I guess I’ll just work with what I have and someday I’ll be able to design the nursery I’ve been dreaming about.

Did any of you go through something similar?

image : ohdeedoh