Lazy Nurser


My dear son loves to eat, but recently he has decided he only loves to eat while being held. Rather than being content to lay beside me and side-lay nurse, he wants to be coddled on my lap for his feedings. This is most obnoxious between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM, as I would like to, I don’t know, get some sleep?

I had no idea what the underlying issue was with this new preference until I was sitting up and holding our baby to nurse at 3 AM this weekend. I had an epiphany.

He prefers to be lower than his source of food. I assume that way gravity is helping him out and he doesn’t have to work as hard to get his meal. Last night, he started making a fuss as I tried to nurse him laying down. I put a pillow under my torso, and he took his feeding like the champion eater he is. We all slept more soundly, and even got an extra hour of slumber in the morning. I am so happy I could sing!

It always makes me laugh how these babies of ours are already exhibiting their personalities. I can’t help but wonder how his quirks will play out when he can start telling me what he wants, instead of thrashing his head around when I try to feed him lying down.

Did you notice any similar feeding preferences with your baby? Or any personality quirks at 6 months? I would love to hear about it!

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