Almost all the pictures I take of her... have a toddler limb in them somewhere!

Her big brothers love her.

And while I am happy that they really do love her, and want to be really big helps all the time I am getting a little annoyed by these three words:


Especially now because both of my older boys officially have pink eye!   Making my days and nights even more fun. Oh, and thank you to them for giving ME pink eye also!

Ever see those old cartoons from when we were kids… You know the ones… with the little old lady and Tweety Bird?  Always chasing Sylvester the cat away with a broom.  I am about this close to trying that method!

Ever since she was born they have been very lovey, and touchy… which I really don’t mind, I promise.  But when they are germ ridden like they are right now, I am at my wits end trying to keep my two month old little bundle of happiness (at least for now) from catching the incredibly contagious crap.   Hell, even with all my hand washing, and sanitizing virtually everything we own, it still spread from only one boy child, to both.

I don’t want to isolate Addison in her bedroom, but since this is the entire house’s first battle with pink eye, I am not sure how to handle splitting everyone up and treating it.   We have gone through the warm compresses, and now we are on prescription eye drops, but I am dumbfounded on another course of action short of locking her up like Rapunzel.

I know we have a one up already since she is breastfed, but I guess the worried mother in me is coming out, as usual.

What would you do?

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