Lessons From My Baby on Appreciating The Small Things

Another first for the baby book!

Cullen got his first balloon this weekend, and I found it impossibly cute.  I sure can make a first out of anything, huh?  I’m sure to more experienced moms with older kids, these things feel like fluff now, but to a newbie like me – I just can’t get enough!

One of the best rewards I’ve gotten as a mom is finally seeing the small things in a new light.  We are all so busy and distracted these days, and it’s too easy to pass over the small moments in the hurry of the daily grind.  Watching Cullen giggle with glee over something as simple as a balloon reminded me that it’s not all about crawling, walking, and the other big milestones.  It’s just as fun to celebrate the small things.

As adults, we’ve lost an appreciate for things like swings, petting zoos, and balloons. And for good reason.  The world would be a strange place if we were all just petting goats all day.

But seeing Cullen’s face light up from something so simple reminds me to stop an smile more often.  I’m tired, and I complain a lot, and I’m often far more negative than I need to be.  Cullen’s joy for life is contagious, and he makes me want to appreciate things more – both big and small.

I know that someday the innocence and wonder of his baby days will fade and, thought inevitable, it makes me sad to think about.  For now, I’m going to let his unbridled enthusiasm and toothy smile continue to remind me to lighten up a bit, appreciate what I have, and to still see the joy in a simple balloon.

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