Let the Fighting Begin


2bcb57d2624311e292b622000a1fb73b_7With Avery’s first birthday less than a week away, I am starting to see more and more toddlerhood peek out of her personality. She is so outgoing and wants to say hi to nearly everyone she passes. She is also very opinionated. So much so that you know exactly what she wants and when she wants it without her having to say a word.

She shows this side of herself often with Harlan. Over the last month, I’ve noticed that Avery has let Harlan know just when she’s had enough or if she gets upset when Harlan has taken a toy that she wants. No more getting bossed around by her big sister, because Avery is ready to fight back.

Just the other day, Avery was playing on the floor with a toy. Harlan came up and sat down next to her and immediately grabbed the toy from Avery’s hand. Avery was not happy with the move and immediately started grunting to let Harlan know she was upset. She then proceeded to climb up on Harlan to try to retrieve the toy back from her (all while grunting in disappointment). She managed to get the toy back from Harlan and just sat back down to play by herself again.

I watched the entire scene in amazement as they fought over the toy. Rather than getting involved, I wanted to see how each girl would handle the situation. Avery stood up for herself and I was extremely pleased she did so at such a young age. I was happy that Harlan didn’t get upset at her for climbing all over her to get the toy back.

I have a younger sister and always wonder if I acted the same way that Harlan does with Avery. Although she is extremely protective of Avery and wants to help her out 90 percent of the time, they do fight like most sisters do. I just didn’t know it was going to happen so early on.

When did your children begin the sibling rivalry?

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