Let's Make Diaper Changing Fun!


baby-diaper-changeIt seems like every time I put Wolf on the changing table, I prepare myself for a meltdown. The boy absolutely hates diaper changing. He could be super sleepy and the second that diaper comes off, he begins to crank up his wail. And to make matters worse, he pees mid-changing about 9 times out of 10.

From day one, it’s taken both my husband and I working as a team to change Wolf’s diaper because he is just plain unhappy about it. One of us is up front shushing and calming him while the other is swapping out the dirty diaper with a clean one while doing a quick wipe down. On the rare occasion he lets us change his diaper without a fuss and I cherish those quiet moments. We’ve been trying to chat with him and provide entertainment to make diaper changing fun, but haven’t had much success yet.

Any suggestions on making diaper changing fun?

{photo from babies today}

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