Let's Talk About Baby Fat

Here I am - 10 lbs heavier with baby fat!

And no, I don’t mean the cute little rolls that your baby starts to get as he or she plumps out.  I mean the extra weight that you gained while pregnant.  That flabby, squishy “baby fat” that just seems to stick around.

While I was pregnant, I think I was in denial about gaining any weight.  I didn’t feel like I’d gained weight, my face didn’t look like it’d gotten any fuller and of course I couldn’t tell how much fat had accumulated around my belly.  I thought for sure I would pop right back into my dresses and skinny jeans after my tummy had deflated back down to it’s pre-baby size.

But boy was I wrong.

Before I was pregnant my tummy wasn’t super flat and my arms weren’t super toned, but I was happy with my body.  During my pregnancy, I gained 35 pounds.  Twenty-five of that was baby weight, 10 of that stuck around.  What I didn’t realize was that not only did I gain a little layer of fat around my belly, but my chest also got bigger and my arms got a little rounder.  AND lots of my clothes don’t fit!  Ugh.

Now that I’m officially past that “don’t do anything for 6 weeks post-delivery” mark, I’m ready to get my body moving.  I plan to get back into vinyasa yoga, while also adding running and biking into my routine too.  And bonus: if breastfeeding ends up working out for me, that burns lots of calories too!  But the hardest thing for me is dropping all the unneccesary treats for my diet.  I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for cookies!

When you were losing baby weight, what helped you most?

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