Let's Talk About Naps

Little Bean Cat Napping.

Now that Little Bean is 2 and half months we are getting in a groove with bed time. He still fusses a bit but goes down on his own in the crib. Last night I even got a run in afterwards! It’s was so nice. I am truly a fan of bed times. :)

Now that I have some kind of handle on the nighttime routine I’m moving to naps.

Right now–as in this very moment–he just sleeps on and off. Normally napping within an hour of waking in the morning. Then he’s up to eat, smiles at me a few times and doses off again. I’ve been considering putting him down in the crib but I’m not sure if these little cat naps are worth it. Yet I feel at least one good solid nap a day is healthy for him. No?

When did your little ones start to nap in their cribs, if ever? I remember my first having 2 good naps a day for awhile and then shifting to 1 but for the life of me I can’t remember WHEN that started.

Any and all nap insights welcomed.

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