Lets Talk Nursing Covers

Skipping the cover

Right after Addison was born I refused to nurse anywhere without my adorable cupcake print nursing cover. Everywhere we went, the cover was tucked nicely into our diaper bag ready for feeding time. It was about my own personal comfort level, nothing else.

Heck I even helped put together a nurse in, and I used a nursing cover.

But now that Addison is getting older, squirming more, and of course mixed with this heat using a cover has become obnoxious, to put it nicely!  And Addison doesn’t like them at all!   I mean, it is complete hysterics as soon as I put the cover over her head.   And if I can prevent her from crying over something as simple as a nursing cover, I am going to!

I have started to wear nursing tank tops, or clothing that is really accessible for nursing without screaming HEY! LOOK AT ME!  I AM BREASTFEEDING!

But it makes me wonder how other mothers out there feel about it. Because I am not the only one out there who has felt more comfortable using a nursing cover and been thrust into not using one anymore.  I would love for the mothers who have been there, and done that to chime in with ways you felt more comfortable nursing in public, or even around family and friends.

My first step?   One day at a time of course!

What are your overall opinions of nursing covers?

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