Little Bean's 6 Month Check Up


Little Bean at Dinner Yesterday.

Little Bean has passed the 6 month mark! I still can’t believe it!

Yesterday he was vaccinated up and I got all his growth stats. I love tracking his height, weight and head size. It’s amazing how these little beings sprout up so fast. My first is now over 4′ and I know it’s just a matter of time before they both tower over mommy.

Here’s his growth to date…

Height Weight Head Circ.
3/24 19.25 in 5.22 lbs 12.5
3/31 20.25 in 5.75 lbs 13
4/15 21.25 in 7.41 lbs 13.5
5/17 23.5 in 10.19 lbs 14.75
7/15 24.88 in 11.10 lbs 15.67
9/20 26.75 in 14.22 lbs 16.5

Side Note: That pic was taken yesterday during a new Baby Food Adventure. Will post it as soon as possible. I’m also working on a growth slideshow. SO many pictures not enough time! :)