Little Bean's 9 Month Check Up


Little Bean is a little bean!


My first was a giant. Still is. He’s off the charts in height even though he’s of average height and weight. Little Bean is average height but way below average for weight and head circumference. Doc said all is perfect and he’s following his own growth line just as he should.


Am I the only one that gets nervous at their check ups? I’m always relieved when I get the thumbs up from the doc.

Here’s his growth to date….

  Height Weight Head Circ.
3/24 19.25 in 5.22 lbs 12.5
3/31 20.25 in 5.75 lbs 13
4/15 21.25 in 7.41 lbs 13.5
5/17 23.5 in 10.19 lbs 14.75
7/15 24.88 in 11.10 lbs 15.67
9/20 26.75 in 14.22 lbs 16.5
12/21 28 in 17.63 lbs 17

This was taken on his 9 month birthday. The little bugger is always on the go…