Little Bean's First Easter


Little Bean getting dressed in his Easter Outfit

It seems all of a sudden our family is over run with KIDS! First it was my niece, then my son. More recently my Sister-in-Law had a baby girl and now there is, of course, Little Bean. The nieces and nephews range from 5 week to 7 years.

Easter was, as always hectic. I spend most of my time in the kitchen. My son plays with is cousin. The grandparents relaxed. The baby? Well, he slept most of the day except for a few hours this morning when he just didn’t quite know what to make bunnies, baskets or little chicks….

LIttle Bean freaked out by a chick

Now? Well now he’s in his crib for the very first time! The first few minute were a little rough for both of us. He cried, I paced. Then I decided to try to nurse him. It settled him down a bit so I placed him back in. Two minutes later he was fussing and crying so I decided to give him a binky. That knocked him right out.

Now he’s sleeping and Daddy’s watching him on the monitor. Yes… we are one of those video monitor people. Actually it’s the husband more than me. I’d rather no monitor at all. I can hear him well enough without it.

So this will be an interesting night. I’ll report back tomorrow with an update. Maybe.. just MAYBE I’ll get to sleep longer than 3 hours in a row. We’ll see. :)

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