Little Bean's First Run!


After I had my first son, I started running. This was new territory for me. I actually spent most of my life avoiding physical activity. It’s a looooong story, click here for a post that links to my running history.

Anyway, I continued to run while pregnant with Little Bean until about my 7th month. My last official run was on New Year’s day where the 5 year old and I ROCKED a 5k. After that, it started to get too uncomfortable.

After giving birth I decided to wait the 6 weeks recommended by the doctor.

Well it’s the 6th week and I was ready.

MORE than ready. I just wanted to move!

So after getting the kindergartner on the bus this morning Little Bean and I headed out in our hand me down running stroller…

It’s the Bumbleride Indie 3 Wheel All Terrain Stroller.

This thing is GREAT! It fully reclines for the little ones. Bean looked really comfortable. I was able to watch him through a small plastic window on the sun guard. He stayed awake the whole mile just taking taking in the sites.

It was SO cute!

We did a mile. It was tough for me. The chart above shoes my speed and distance. I run with the Nike+ to track my stats. I’m planning to work up to a 5k and run our first event this June! Maybe even running with both boys. We’ll see!

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