Little Bean's New Year's Eve Feast!

At the restaurant New Year's Eve!

It’s New Year’s Eve and this mom is settled in for the night. Baby and Big Brother are in bed. The Husband is flipping through all the New Year’s Eve Specials and I’m blogging. Welcome to my fabulously sad life.

Earlier we took the family out to dinner at a local Japanese Steak house. Normally I bring a jar or two of food for Little Bean but tonight I decided to take my chances and boy did it pay off…

We shared a meal and he LOVED the tofu. The texture was perfect. No spitting out at all! He also had some rice, noodles, mushrooms and even broccoli.

He’s really starting to love feeding himself. He does well with cheerios, black beans, peas and green beans. We even just tried parsnips! (click here to see him on video.)

There are a few things he just doesn’t care for like cut up banana and avocado which cracks me up as he eats each one mashed almost daily. I still keep offering it though, hoping one day he’ll change his mind. He will. Little eaters are fickle. :)