Look at You, You Have a Baby... In a Bar

Hey buddy, my eyes are up here!

This weekend we traveled to Chicago for a family wedding and brought Gordon as “only child.” Traveling with a baby has gotten pretty easy, or maybe it’s just easier than traveling with chemically-imbalanced (it seems) 3-year-old, a 2-year-old who reminds me of a puppy, and a baby. You know how people always give the advice that you should take advantage of how portable they are when they are newborns? I’m a big supporter of that philosophy.

Going back to “only-child-dom” if only for a weekend, found us in a English pub in the middle of the afternoon, a hot-spot sushi restaurant for a late dinner, and a… “no kids allowed” wedding. I’ve taken all my baby’s for daytime bar visits. Clare even went on a pub crawl when she was a baby! I figure as long as they aren’t mobile, aren’t bothering other patrons who may have gone to great lengths to leave children at home (or not have children at all) and baby is happy, it’s no biggie. What’s your stand? Are you with Reese?… Inappropriate! Or is it no big deal?… Yay for mom for having a good time before baby is on the move. Or somewhere in between, as in, if they serve food it’s not really a bar. Curious if I’m in the minority here.

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