Look Ma! I'm Wearing Pants!


Tomorrow Evan is 3 weeks. As you may know he decided to join us a little early and was much tinier then I ever anticipated. He was swimming in the outfit we brought him home from the hospital in and every hat we have just fell over his eyes. Honestly, I didn’t know babies could be that small! My first was much bigger and has alway been in the 90th percentile for height. At his last appointment, Evan was in the 35th. But….

He’s getting bigger!

Today was the first day we put him in a regular onesie and a pair of pants. Up until now he’s been mostly in gowns and a few premie outfits a friend brought us. The best part, the onesie was his 5 year old brothers’. Who has really embraced the roll of big brother. Just look at the picture on my latest recipe post.

Anyway… My baby is already growing!

How is it that this make me happy and sad at the same time?