Look Mom, I'm Using My Hands

That's right, I have hand eye coordination.

I noticed last week that Tate was getting to be a lot more tactile. He was running his hands over things, and then he started pulling objects while running them through the other hand, first his blanket and next my hair.

Then I handed him a toy, and by George, he held on to it. It kept him occupied for all of 2 minutes, but he was holding it. Next thing I know he’s got the toy in his hand and he’s looking at it, I mean really looking at it. And then he’s got his other hand on it.

It absolutely amazes me how quickly these babies of ours change and develop. One day you are dangling a toy in their face, and the next thing you know they are all, “Look at me. I use my hands and am practically ready for college.”

Break my heart!

Did you get simultaneously happy and sad as your baby developed?