Looking Back Over 2011: My Top 20 Posts

2011 is over already?

It seems like I just joined Baby’s First Year yesterday… it was the beginning of May when my daughter was born, and my journey here started.

Well I decided to celebrate 2012 ringing in, I was going to look back over all my posts here from 2011 and share my favorite.

I put together a list of some the readers loved, some that made a huge splash, hell one that even made national news headlines… You heard that! National news!

It was hard to narrow it down to just 20, but it also was a great lesson to me as a blogger to see how much I have truly developed during this time, and continue to expand every day.

Here is to a great 2012 together here on Baby’s First Year right?
And more new babies and writers here to blog alongside of!

Be sure to chime in yourself with some of your favorite posts from 2011!  I want to hear what the readers have to say as well!

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