Looking for Truly Infant Friendly Toys? 50% off Haba!


Christmas shopping for a 7-month-old is really hard. At Arlo’s age, there are so few things that are really, truly age appropriate. So I love companies like Haba that make great baby toys. Haba makes beautiful, brightly colored, mostly wooden toys with water-based paints and follows the highest safety regulations! These are the kind of toys that will still look great for years to come.

I was tickled to take advantage of this awesome deal from Daily Candy the other day. $70 worth of Haba toys for $35!

I ordered my $70 worth of infant goodies last Friday and surprise! They were waiting for me at my door yesterday afternoon. I can’t wait for Arlo to see them on Christmas morning. To grab the deal yourself, go here. Hurry, the deal is available through Dec. 22nd!



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