Losing the Baby Weight - Halp!


I have finally healed to the point where I can begin working out and since it’s been a while since I last was motivated to lose weight, I’m wondering: what are currently the most effective exercise programs out there?

Between the last two years of pregnancy, loss and grief, pregnancy and now postpartum, I’ve not exactly been keeping tabs on the latest thing.

So, I need your help!

I’ve heard good things about the P90X program, the new program by Billy Blanks called PT24/7, there’s surge training and Couch to 5K (running. ::shudder::) or just the good old 30 Day Shred.

I’m wondering what is most effective here because my body isn’t really a fan of losing weight and I’d love to hear other mothers’ experiences! I usually avoid high impact exercise because I have bad knees and the, um, well endowed chest doesn’t like jumping and running too much, so the Shred and C25K don’t seem like a good fit for me. I’m pretty unfamiliar with the others but I’ve heard lots of buzz. I’m really a yoga girl at heart, but I’m not aware of an at home program/DVD that would be good for weight loss (I’m all ears if you know of one!)

Have you tried any of these workout programs? What was or was not successful for you? Are there any others you’d recommend?