The Poopgates Floodeth


Vivi was a meconium baby. The suctioning she had to endure caused a few troubles and I wasn’t able to keep her with me as soon as she came out as she had to be washed off and suctioned, but considering all of the other things that could have gone wrong, meconium wasn’t the worst possible thing. She pooped like crazy in the hospital, it certainly wasn’t a gentle ease back into the world of poopy diapers but we were blissfully happy at this baby of ours.

Once we came home from the hospital is when the troubles started. She went one day without pooping, then two. I kept telling myself that surely she cleared herself out in the hospital and it just needed a few days to build back up. Nine days went by without poop, in those nine days there were x-rays, specialist visits and lots of prayers. No one knew what was going on. Finally, on the tenth day, she pooped. I had never been so happy to see poop in my whole life.

Her final diagnosis was an immature digestive system and we were told it would catch up to her once she started on solid foods. For the last nine months she’s been very predictable with the poop. Early afternoon or when we got in the car, once a day sometimes every other day. Predictability was good.

In the last week or so Vivi has begun eating more and more solid food in a greater and grander variety, she loves the stuff, and just as promised, her digestive system has caught up to all the fruits, vegetables, proteins and fibers she eats daily. No longer are poops predictable. She had black beans for dinner last night which means…well – I’m going to be able to tell when those make it through her system.

Poop is gross. But poop is a part of life. I try not to bring it up in casual conversation but the truth is those first 9 days without poop were some of the hardest in my parenting career because something was wrong with my baby and I couldn’t fix it. It’s a very frustrating feeling. Poop may be nasty, but in our house it has always meant that our little baby is healthy, and there’s nothing nasty about that.

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