Love Me a Lovie

brown bear lovie
Fuzz’s Lovie Contender

The lovie is that special little blankie that helps your child go to sleep.

My firstborn never developed a distinct attachment for his soft little horse lovie, despite my numerous attempts. I named the him Pedro, after an extremely lazy horse I rode in Mexico some years back. The horse gave me minimal output. No matter how much I tried to get him to trot, he would just settle back into a slow tired stroll.

I put Pedro in Shnook’s crib every night and we even brought him on trips. He still wasn’t attached, meaning, he never asked for Pedro.  On the other hand, I was super attached to Pedro and would not give up.

My efforts were not completely for naught. When Shnook started daycare a few days a week, the provider asked for some kind of memory of home for naptime. I brought a t-shirt that smelled like me and Pedro. About a month later, she gave the t-shirt back but Pedro still lives at daycare. Success!?

We are about to go on a cross-country trip and although I’m glad we don’t have to worry about losing a lovie on the way, I’m a little sad we don’t have something for Shnook to cuddle up to on the plane, other than us, which he will do, despite the fact that I’ll also have a four-month-old attached to my boob for 5 hours too. What’s a little suffering?

I’m going to attempt again with Fuzz. We have this adorable brown bear lovie given to us as a gift by my family. I’m going to start sleeping with it in hopes that Fuzz will eventually like it and want to sleep with it when we transition him to a crib. Here’s hoping.

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