Mamas and Papas Snug Winner!

Did you win?

140 entries!

Wow!   We got a lot of good entries to the giveaway for the Mamas and Papas Snug here on Baby’s First Year.   I am really excited to announce the winner today because seriously, now that Addie is getting bigger.

I am actually really excited for when she starts to pick up toys, and hold on to them so I can break out all her little toys and use the tray that comes with it.  

Overall it is her favorite place to hang out right now when she is not sleeping, or being held of course, and I am really excited for one of our readers to be able to benefit from it too!

So without any further ado I will let you know if you are actually the winner!

Congratulations to Colleen K!   Her comment:

I’m due any day now and have been looking at the Snug, as well as it’s competitors, at the recommendation of other moms. I found that I like the Snug the best and would love to win one (a great alternative to going out to buy one!).

Won her a Snug from Mamas and Papas!

Expect an email from me today!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win, and I look forward to my next giveaway here on Baby’s First Year… a little hint… It is made by Summer Infant and you can see your little one at all times…