Mark Of The Baby


When I was pregnant with Violet there was nary a stretch mark to be found on my body.  Which is absolutely bizarre because I went from weighing 125 to 176.  And yet nothing.

I figured I was home free when I got knocked up with Henry.  My skin had stretched to accommodate an extra fifty pounds during that first pregnancy and had not yielded to the slightest stretch mark.  I figured it was fate’s way of making it up to me that I had morning sickness for nearly all nine months.

But fate had other plans.  Plans that involve several maroon and purple lightning bolts zigzagging down my stomach, hips and even my inner thighs.


Okay, so I nearly gained sixty (SIXTY!) pounds with Henry but do you really think it was those extra ten pounds that did me in?  I dunno but I do know that these here scars are bothering me.  Sure, I’d like to be all stretch marks are the road map of pregnancy and they are my battle wounds with you but I’ll just go ahead and be honest and say I don’t like them.

I’ve written about stretch marks and how they really aren’t preventable.  Lather on the Cocoa Butter all you want, but most experts say if you’re gonna get ’em, you’re gonna get ’em, no matter who tells you what about bathing in oil and cocoa butter and how it really worked. What you can do is try to diminish their appearance AFTER they’ve appeared.

That’s where you come in. What works? What’ve you got, what do you know? Did your grandma’s sister’s husband’s cousin use Olive Oil? Is that crazy expensive Mederma stuff really the be all end all of erasing stretch marks? Seriously, I’m interested in EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard about diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.