Matching Shirts – Oh Yes I Did!


wolf striped shirt mom matching shirtWhen I was pregnant, I wrote endlessly about my love for stripes.  I wore stripes like they were going out of style while I flaunted my round belly around town.  I bought every cute striped thing for Wolf to stock his little closet.  I even made sure I had a few matching striped outfits for him and me.

The other day was the first time that we wore our matching stripes.  And to be perfectly honest, I loved matching my boy.  But while it was impossibly cute to match him, a part of me felt a little silly.  Why?  I’m not sure, but I’m ready to do it again.  Besides, we make for a really cute photo op.

Do you ever match your kids?  What do you like to wear when matching?


What basics should new moms consider for her baby registry?

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