Maybe My Family Is Complete?

Maybe she is the missing link to our family?

For the longest time, even after Addison was born, I felt like there was something or someone missing from our family.  But the last couple weeks, I think I have made a turn, and I think Addison is the last person our family was looking for.

I realized this over the weekend.  We took our normal Sunday trip to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner and while we were there I took a ton of pictures of the children.

It struck me to try and get all three of them to sit still for a whole 3 minutes to snap a couple pictures… while it didn’t work very well, I think just having them sit together for the picture made me realize… maybe our family is complete?

But what got me most was the comparison. 

I took the same picture almost two years ago…


Early Fall 2009

It is amazing how much both of my sons have grown over this time, but I realized Addie really had completed us.  I am sure later on my mind may change, and I will ping pong back and forth… but for now I am content being a family of 5.

Did you know when your family was complete?

  • 1 – The First Attempt 1 of 4
    1 - The First Attempt
    No matter how much I tried... Addie didn't really want any part of it!
  • 2 – LOOK at the CAMERA! 2 of 4
    2 - LOOK at the CAMERA!
    I couldn't get any of them to look at the camera at the same time.
  • 3 – Giving up! 3 of 4
    3 - Giving up!
    Ben (on the left) was no longer interested and started to flee
  • 4 – Last try 4 of 4
    4 - Last try
    Better luck next time right?

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