McGhee Sextuplets: They're Making Me Look Bad!

six pancakes
McGhee Sextuplets parents make it look as easy as flipping pancakes.

I just saw the Oprah video about the McGhee Sextuplets. First of all, boy are those kids cute! Secondly, they have some really cool stuff- for example that kidney table with the seats in it—genius! I guess this must be something they have at infant daycares, but I’ve never seen one.

Thirdly, I’m just not sure how the mom keeps it together!? They say she ‘stays home’ with the kids. I ‘stay home’ with my kids and have a meltdown if I have both of them together for longer than three hours at a time! I think my body would probably surrender if I had to care for Fuzz times six. I know she’s not nursing (I mean, who the hell can nurse six babies at once, unless you are a cat or a pig or something), and she has volunteers come in four times a week (according to Oprah) but all the other things are equally exhausting. Just feeding and burping one baby is a job. Meanwhile, according to her husband, Mia keeps the house in tip top shape and runs the house with ‘an iron fist.’ She was cleaning and organizing while she was being interviewed. I’m looking at my living room right now: 2 baskets of folded laundry, a pile of unfolded laundry on the couch, train tracks and trains all over the floor, some dishes from dinner still on the table. I ONLY HAVE TWO KIDS…AND I’M EXHAUSTED!! Clearly, one needs a schedule with six, which it appears the McGhees have down to a science. But even still, does one need to have OCD in order to care for six babies at once? I can’t imagine what my house would look like if I had six. You might not be able to find any of us in the piles of laundry and dirty diapers. They should have sextuplet boot camp for those of us whining about our singletons.

What do you think? Could you handle six and still keep it together?