Baby Puts Me in the Corner


I knew having a baby and making the decision to stay home with him would change my life. I knew I would spend most days with only an infant to talk to, craving adult companionship and conversation. Sometimes I feel like an over-excited puppy when Steve walks in the door. I am jumping up and down just dying to talk to someone that will answer.

I hoped that when we went home for Christmas vacation, I would have a chance to revel in adult conversation. I wanted to dive into juicy political conversations and debate which films would be nominated for Oscars. I wanted to feel like an adult with important things to say.

But you know what? Just being around adults doesn’t always mean that you get to take part in the grown up stuff.

Every time a good conversation would get going, Tate would call. I spent much of the time straining to hear the goings-on with one ear while nursing, soothing, or putting Tate to bed. I even listened to the midnight countdown on New Years Eve with Tate in my arms, far away from the party.

Spending time with Tate is rewarding in so many ways, but it’s amazing how much I miss trivial conversations, no matter the topic.

Have you ever been through a similar experience?

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