Feeding Time, Messy Babies, oh, and, I Miss My Dog.

What Rice?

It’s my own fault. I could play it safe, but I give Little Bean messy foods. Today our food/floor covering of choice was brown rice leftover from a recent trip to a local Chinese food place.

I discovered (at said place) that Little Bean adores rice. I’m assuming it’s a texture thing. He plays with it while jamming fistfuls in his mouth. How much he’s actually consuming I’ll never know, but he’s having fun and learning!


Please tell me I’m right because then it justifies this…

Looks worse in person. I swear!


Thankfully his feet don't reach there yet.

and this…

You should see the stuff that falls out of his lap!

It’s like this after most meals! The grossest is banana. Ohh how I hate finding mushed up banana on his seat. *shudder*

I really took my dog for granted with Baby #1. We had Rudy, an Australian Cattle Dog, for Big Brother’s first 2 years, She was our vacuum, cleaning the floor and high chair after every meal. What a huge help!

Honestly, even though I don’t like to clean up, there’s just something about a messy baby that makes me smile. Just look at him after a eating a batch of Blueberry Avocado pudding

A Happy Fed Baby! Yay!

I try hard to make meal time fun time. If that means I need to sweep daily, so be it. :)