Mexico Bound

Baby Mug Shots

Only 9 more sleeps until we are boarding a plane to Mexico and these just arrived in the mail. Even after the hassles we went through, just in the nick of time. Now if only I could find my passport. The one that I just replaced.

Oh. My. Word. It has to be somewhere right? Yes. It’s somewhere. In that place where I’ll find it by the end of today. Which means I should probably grab a bottle of wine for later tonight because contrary to how often I joke about my daily wine consumption – it’s not the case.


This day equals that on this night, this Momma shall have. The mister has been recording a new album with the band he plays bass in, which is a very time consuming, amazing process. This coupled with his other work as a webmaster (40+ hours a week), means I’m on double duty. For much of this month right up until we leave.

Not easy. I love our family time in the evenings, and honestly – obviously things go smoother when there are two of us to tackle dinner, chores, bath-time and bedtime routines. So there’s my whine for the week.

What I really want to talk about is this family vacation we are about to embark on. The mister’s sister is having a destination wedding at a marvellous all inclusive resort on the Riviera Maya of  Mexico and we have an awesome family suite with all of the hook-ups. We’re not the type of couple who vacations. Either because of time or cost, we just don’t make it a yearly occurrence. There’s even a toy rental system and a giant Fisher Price playroom. Obviously we don’t want to be lugging a ton of luggage around with two littles on our hips, so these amenities help.

Knowing me though – this packing business is going to be a challenge. I’m an over-packer to say the least. I’m calling on you other momma’s who have a bunch of family vacay’s under your belt for some help.

A list. I should make one of these right? So what should be on that list? Bare bones? I’m going to put a little slider together with what y’all hit me with, so make it good!

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