Miracle Survival: Four-Month Old Baby Found Alive In Earthquake Rubble


It’s definitely a milestone for the baby book, that’s for sure.

Thousands of corpses and dead bodies are being pulled out of homes and buildings flattened in the massive earthquake that struck Japan.

Monday, amid all the destruction and wreckage a baby girl cried out.

Japanese soldiers were going door-to-door, pulling out bodies from homes destroyed in the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Ishinomaki City, when they heard the shocking sound.

At first they couldn’t believe it was a baby and moved on.  And then they heard it again.  A tiny cry.

The soldiers carefully removed wood, slate, shattered glass and rock and unearthed a miracle.  A four-month old baby girl in a pink bear suit, alive after three days under the rubble.

The girl has been reunited with her overjoyed parents who say a tidal wave swept the baby right from their arms when it crashed into their home on March 11th.  Taking refuge in their wrecked home, the parents assumed the girl was dead.

Before the baby girl was found officials report finding at least 2,000 bodies washing up on shorelines.  How she survived drwoning or being crushed by falling trees and houses is a mystery.

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