Mirror, Mirror


Over the past week or so I’ve noticed Baby H catching his reflection in the small mirror that is attached to his little papasan chair.

Today he was really into the baby that was looking back at him.

Totally full of smiles and wiggling all around, I grabbed my and took a few shots.

Tell me this kid isn’t having a blast. That last shot makes me giggle.

  • Doing the hand jive. 1 of 6
    Doing the hand jive.
  • All Smiles. 2 of 6
    All Smiles.
  • Hey there. 3 of 6
    Hey there.
  • What’s that? 4 of 6
    What's that?
  • Ooohh… 5 of 6
  • I love this BABY! 6 of 6
    I love this BABY!