Moby Naptime?


Tate has always been a great napper, a great sleeper really. He was always so wonderful to fall asleep in his car seat while we were working the farmers market, and inevitably fell asleep while we were running errands so we could do them in peace. One thing he is not so good at? Just falling asleep at home when it’s quiet and the conditions actually condone sleep.

I may have created this situation for myself, with the constant on-the-go environment we gave him to sleep in, and the night time co-sleeping. The kid doesn’t want to be laid down alone, and I don’t really blame him. That doesn’t make it any easier to get something, anything done during the day.

Lately I have gotten into the habit of strapping Tate into the Moby whenever he is cranky. If he is tired, it takes me awhile to get him past the “no, no, no, I swear I am not tired – I am mad” routine, but after a bit of riding around with me I realize he has dropped off into dreamland.

I have realized this is the procedure, so I generally face him towards me so that he can be better supported when he drifts off.

Have any of you had a similar situation? Leave your experiences below.