Mom-Bloggers. The Cause & Affect of Their (Mine) Child's Future Therapy Bill?

So my friend linked up a blog post on the twitters, written by a lovely author, guerilla artist and mother. Wherein I began with very much relating to her (baby with colic), to discovering a whole new set of things to worry about.

Whether or not I am doing wrong. Apparently posting pictures of one’s family, young children and babies – is deemed troublesome. Worrisome. That we don’t yet know as this new-fangled generation of mom-bloggers, the repercussions of what our over-sharing and documentation of our families will do.

I’m sorry? But I thought this was the world’s best scrapbook. Questions were posed on wondering how will this will all make them feel in the future. Aside from the loved and cherished that I only ever thought it would. Maybe sometimes embarrassed, but really – in a good way. The kind of good, that’s like, ‘awe mom – stop!’ About kissing your teen lad in public, or when you smooch their dad/mom romantically in front of them and they find it embarrassing.

I mean, it’s OKAY for our kids to be embarrassed about how much we adored them and blathered on about them, were challenged and even frustrated by them at times. This is all real life stuff, isn’t it? I can talk about some real things to worry about, let me tell you. Or to equate being justifiably embarrassed about, because those things are truly inappropriate. I lived some of those things. None, to say the least had anything to do with the internets having witnessed my 1st year in the world, day by day – month by month. Helicopter parenting, hello? As in, how much really – should we, can we – hide our children from the big ‘ole nasty world?

Oh, the beauty we would miss out on! They would miss out on! There is also love and strength and even magic still left in the world. And an astounding amount of it? Right here on the interwebs people.There is also more than something to be said for letting our children know about the realities of life. Perhaps not all of them or all at once, and in stages – yes.

What better way is there, to document our families lives – than in real time, where other people weigh in or learn from, causing ripple effects of  joy and understanding? I would even go so far as to say that it’s definitely more than okay that some of us make money via our blogging, because it enables us to well gosh – pay the bills. Buy organic food. Save money for their education. Disney trips. Perhaps globetrotting during the summer months. To India and/or Peru, if that’s what rocks a families boat. Braces. Clothing. Strollers and mamaroos. The list is, as we all know – never-ending. No matter how crunchy we are, in growing our own food and trying to consume less stuff.

The reality is – creating a happy home and family life , in part – takes donero. Shouldn’t be the over-riding factor, no – obviously. Love, is really all you need. And then money. Love and money yo. And health. And bloggers who ‘over-share!’ So there! I think writing it all out, just made me more comfortable with what I am doing on these here internets, with my beloved family and all of my picture waving and movie making – than I originally was feeling at the beginning of this post.

Well, look at that. Writing, it would seem – is also cathartic. And not just writing personally, for one’s own self. Sharing it with others? With strangers? That creates networks. Communities. Coves of support. Friends. Business. The relief and comfort that spreads over one’s soul when you discover someone else is going through what you are going through.

The awesome amount of information, knowledge and resource sharing that occurs. Whether it’s a post on old navy’s 50% off sale, our baby’s first time smiling. laughing or rolling over, or post partum depression or the death of a child. The gales of laughter that gush forth at the end of either a particularly trying day or a magical day with the kids when reading something like this … All good stuff. The monumental waves of really helping to make the world a better place? That so happens. (Watch the whole video).

When I say good, even about the death of a child – I mean it is so wondrously good the amount of love, support and empowerment that gushes forth when we share our stories and allow our voices to be heard. Good and bad. As mothers, yes. About our children. Indeed. I witness it everyday, and while I am a little shy about sharing my own darker tales, I can only see the positive in what doing so publicly would be. Sure there are trolls, know-it-all’s and per-snickety’s.

Just like anywhere else really, internets or not. Creating all of this? The bigger picture? We become even better mothers, happier families. I know I am not only speaking for myself in that. Sure we could write about our babies, our children, our families – without pictures and videos, but that would be so far less beautiful. Adorable. Achingly magnificent.

Is this a big topic of dissension and opposition in the mom-blogging world that I am only becoming aware of? Am I still that much of a noobe?

Thoughts. Please. I will now stay up all night thinking about this. Well, between that and nursing a colicky babe, that is.

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