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Mom Walks in on Grandma Nursing Baby

By Molly Thornberg |

wacky mother in lawWEIRD. Everyone has a Mother-in-Law story, but to the mom who wrote into Slate’s Dear Prudie for advice – uhmm…. I’m so sorry that your husband’s mom is off her rocker.

Here is the question posed to Dear Prudie:

Q. Breast-Feeding Mother-in-Law: I had a baby two months ago. About two weeks ago, my husband had to go out of town for a few days, so his mother came to stay with the baby and me. One night I heard the baby crying, and heard my MIL go to him. I thought she was going to bring him to me to nurse so I stayed in bed for a while. When she didn’t bring him, I figured she was just rocking him back to sleep and went to see if she needed anything, like a bottle from the fridge. When I entered the room I saw her holding my son to her breast, letting him suckle. I was (and am) livid. I took my son back to my room and told her she had to leave first thing in the morning. I want to call the police, but my husband thinks that would be taking things too far. We’re at an impasse. Should we call the police? I’m hesitant to let her near my son again.

OMG! Her MIL was BF her DS.  Well suckling…. but still, uhm awkward.

Read Dear Prudie’s response here.

I know grandparents typically mean well. I mean, my mom sneaks my baby sweet tea (it makes him happy, so she says).  And my in-laws always were encouraging us to “put a little rice in the milk” so the baby will sleep longer. But suckling? That is just a tad too much, make that WAY too much. Did Grandma forget she was Grandma and not a wet nurse? I don’t even know what to say or what I would say if this situation happened to me.

Sasha from CafeMom says it best:

Assuming this is true and not a means of shocking readers, there isn’t a new mom out there who isn’t cringing right now. This is Hand That Rocks the Cradle times a billion, no?

Breastfeeding is such an intensely personal and unique experience meant to be shared only by mother and child. I realize many women believe in cross nursing one another’s babies and that is all fine and good. But that is consensual. I would be pretty furious if someone nursed my baby without my permission and even more furious if they did so with a dry breast.

To the mom who wrote in – the interwebs award your MIL with the most wacky Mother-in-Law trophy.

What Would You Do If You Caught Your Mother-in-Law Letting Your Baby Suckle?

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4 thoughts on “Mom Walks in on Grandma Nursing Baby

  1. DeathMetalMommy says:

    I read this one on Slate just yesterday. The woman writing in sounded way more passive and subdued than I would have been. I’m sure the first phrase out of my mouth would have been to the tune of “Are you out of your f***ing mind?!” I wouldn’t just quietly take my child and go hide in another part of the house and wait for my husband to sort it out later.

    Of course Prudie suggested they get a mental workup on Granny, as she does for most weird behavior. I would just hope that this woman is senile and not getting some sick pleasure out of it. Fingers crossed for dementia on this one.

  2. EmilyBMalone says:

    This is so absolutely horrifying. My skin crawls just imagining it.

  3. Karen says:

    What in the world…who would do this? This is completely disgusting and defies the laws of physics…and life.

  4. anothermother says:

    Clearly this woman has issues and I’m in no way saying this is ok — but, don’t jump to conclusions. We have dear friends from Senegal where it’s totally normal and acceptable for aunts, mothers, female cousins, etc to comfort another family member’s baby at their breast — regardless of whether they’re lactating or not. Of course, they think the idea of sitting on a toilet seat is gross (they prefer to squat over a hole in the ground) and drinking milk from cow is disgusting (a cow’s milk is meant for it’s own young, not humans)– it’s all a matter of social context. ;)

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