Mommy Meltdown

Mommy's have meltdowns to.
Mommys have meltdowns too.

It’s Monday and some crazy is going on in the cosmic universe surrounding me because it’s been one cruddy thing after another.

It took 4 months, but today I had my first major mommy meltdown since having 4 kids.

Do you have mommy meltdowns?  You should try it. As embarrassing as it is in the moment — it’s actually therapeutic!

From a baby who seems to be teething to a toddler who has a new love for playing in the toilet, today I thought would be the day my head would explode. But instead of exploding, I broke down with a nasty attitude followed by a good cry. Hello mommy meltdown!

I know these days will happen. I am blessed to be healthy and have this wonderful family. It’s just those moments that collide that create chaos. Oh look, it’s Monday: that just adds more into the pot of crazy.

I am ending the night with a glass of Moscato and a prayer thanking God for the good I have and asking for help with this attitude that’s developed today.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Time to put on my big girl panties, and appreciate what I have.

Need a bit of mommy encouragement? This inspirational mom talks about parenting blind:  Love is Blind – A visually impaired mom on parenting in the dark.

When Was Your Last Mommy Meltdown?


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